What is a viewshed?

A viewshed is the visible landscape and objects one sees from a particular vantage point. This is important to consider in landscape design because the surrounding view can enhance or detract from ones’ overall experience. Perhaps the mountain vista is an important feature that your garden rests at the foot of. Or, there are encroaching buildings that a beautiful tree or vine could potentially hide. At King Garden Designs we understand the importance of professionally delivering the best product and this includes being mindful of the entire landscape.

Oak red summer lawn moutains hedge bench.jpg

Calculating a viewshed requires technology and a professional eye.  It is more than a 3-dimensional rendering and acts more like a survey. We can deliver that level of service to our clients to ensure success in our landscape design. In addition to understanding viewshed we can also use our tools to look at sunlight patterns to plan for the best plantings for shade, sun and your space.

Viewshed Analysis

Viewshed analysis is a very unique method of analyzing data because it is heavily dependent on software and user experience to break up an image into manageable components. These specialized analyses include varied coloring of an image to represent areas where you may be missing some relevant data.

Once broken down, the Viewshed analysis is similar to a geological map where higher elevations (usually building) are shaded in difficult colors to emphasize where views are obscured. Based on the coloring contrast, you need to be able to analyze what data you may be missing or how obscured views will affect your end results.

Multiple images are required using Viewshed analysis because it is based on different angles of the same area so that all parts of the roads and infrastructure can be included in the analysis. These varied angles can supplement your main images where those same areas are obscured. However, these supplemental images tend to focus on a single area. You have to piece these images into the larger picture, but you can also complete a project without them through calculations and properly interpretation during the viewshed analysis.