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 Andrew Sparby | Landscape Design Intern

Andrew Sparby |
Landscape Design Intern

Preparing to enter his fifth and final year at Iowa State University, Landscape Architecture major Andrew Sparby joins the King Garden Designs team this summer as our inaugural Landscape Design Intern.


With a keen interest in designing beautiful spaces to accommodate the wants and needs of people, while simultaneously benefiting the natural environment, Andrew is further developing his vision of Landscape Architecture. He is most drawn towards ecological design and using natural systems to supplement or replace existing infrastructure, which helps to save money and energy. Ultimately, Andrew is interested in design that helps humankind live symbiotically and harmoniously with the natural environment.

Andrew recently took advantage of ISU’s study abroad program by spending spring semester, 2018 in Rome, Italy. There, his Italian professors introduced him to the historically layered city in which historical preservation and the context of place become paramount. Italian architects and designers must adapt a style of design different from that typical in the United States. Increasing efforts to preserve historical landscapes in this country are becoming an ever-greater priority, and Andrew’s experience abroad will enable him to bring this perspective to his work here. In addition to his travel to Europe, Andrew’s experience with the program at ISU has included a great deal of regional travel within the US. From Boulder, Colorado to his internship here at King Garden Designs in New York State, Andrew is developing a broad perspective of landscape, local ecologies, and how people interact with those dynamics in their respective regions.


Andrew has held two previous internships with companies in his home town of Thief River Falls, Minnesota, at Cider Mill Greenhouse and Dan’s Landscaping. His responsibilities have included hands-on work with plant care and pruning, planting design, and art and design for marketing. Andrew is gaining further expertise with his work for King Garden Designs, where he is drafting, designing, estimating, meeting with clients and even assisting in the office garden. Andrew is contributing to King Garden Design’s mission to innovate with the cutting-edge research and techniques he brings from his program at ISU.

Andrew’s Landscape Architecture Portfolio can be viewed by visiting the following link.