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Fencing and other structures can be the finishing touches for your garden, property or estate. Fencing can elegantly provide privacy and define your outdoor areas. Pergolas and other structures can create needed shade and create outdoor rooms. Follies or decorative buildings in your landscape create focal points, frame views, balance a scene or create a quiet refuge.

King Garden Designs provides exquisite Garden Design and Estate Curation of exceptional gardens and properties. We are based in the Hudson Valley. Our unique hands-on approach, use of native plants, attention to detail and care create incredible results.

We begin with a landscape consultation, to discuss your goals, timing and budget. We carefully listen to your wishes and concerns. A proposal/design contract follows this first meeting or a pruning/garden care proposal.

Prepare for Consultation

With new construction we are most effective when enlisted early in the design process to evaluate the site. We enjoy collaborating with architects, engineers and interior designers.

We next develop a master plan or a specific site design; these organize your wishes and needs and relate them to the opportunities presented by the site.

 Topiary Trees In Winter

Topiary Trees In Winter

For mature gardens and estates we create a successful garden care program; this can include: regular garden visits to insure plant health, periodic pruning and tree work.

Following the acceptance of the final design we develop a project installation estimate and schedule.

Upon project completion, we enjoy guiding the ongoing personalized after care of your gardens and estate so that as they mature and change, their original design intent is preserved.

Expert Residential Landscape Consultation

The process begins with our first meeting - a landscape consultation, we meet to discuss your goals, timing and budget. We will listen to and address your needs as well as start with a property assessment.  Our goal is to provide design suggestions, suggested improvements, suggested property care, suggested tree care and pruning options.

Prior to our meeting we will request your address and A1 property survey for our review and to address property assets and liabilities. Following our meeting we provide you with a detailed written landscape assessment and suggestions for your property plus design retainer proposal outlining our objectives.

> Prepare for Landscape Consultation

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