Extreme Weather


Who is Responsible When A Tree Falls?

Extreme weather seems to be more routine these days.  Quite often we hear of tornados, hurricanes, floods, blizzards and thunder storms disturbing our local areas.  High winds, saturated soil and sometimes lightning can be a devastating mix for mature trees and landscaping in your area. So, what happens when a tree falls during a storm.  First, if it falls on your property you are required to deal with it, even if the tree had roots elsewhere. If it hits your property and comes from your neighbor’s yard, it is your insurance company that will handle the claim. However, some insurance companies may work with your neighbor’s insurance to find additional coverage.  Your insurance may also cover downed tree removal in your yard even if there is no property damage.  If a tree hits power lines during a storm, make sure to call your electric company as this can be dangerous and they are best equipped to handle it. Perhaps expecting, planning for and knowing our responsibilities during extreme weather events is more important today.  


Securing the Landscape for Extreme Weather

At King Garden Designs we have landscaping tips and tricks to help secure your garden or estate before extreme weather hits.  First, we advise planting native plants.  They are the best choice because of their adaption to the area you live in.  Next, we can aid in choosing the correct plants, shrubs, and vines for the growing zone you live in. This will protect your plants from cold temperatures and drought. Also, planting hardier and mature plants helps because they have larger roots that will anchor them to the soil.  Your soil should be able to drain well too so plants don't topple as easily, and we can offer watering techniques and solutions for your garden. Mulch and ground cover plants can aid in preventing soil saturation. Finally, our experts understand how to provide a windbreak solution in your landscape.

  Berries during an ice storm

Berries during an ice storm

Identifying Trees at Risk

At King Garden Designs we have trained ISA certified arborists.  Our experts can advise when a tree may be at risk of falling.  Some trees have pests that cause rot from the inside and weaken their structure. Others may have been compromised by poor trimming or improper spacing when planted. We can check for proximity to electric lines, buildings and work to prevent fire hazards.  We can identify diseases, rotted limbs and help ensure the health of your trees and evaluate whether nearby trees are posing any risk to your property.

Proper Preventive Pruning:

When preparing for extreme weather it is important to get a proper tree risk assessment conducted which ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification offers. Once that assessment is made, an arborist can consider what to do next.  Generally, proper pruning is a safe and effective way to prepare for storms and high winds.

Dr. Ed Gilman, Professor of Urban Trees & Landscape Plants for the University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Department says, “We think the arborist should prune the large aspect ratio branches—those that are big compared to the main trunk(s)—to get huge benefits in how trees function in storms.”

Pruning the large aspect ratio branches is the foundation of sound structural pruning; it suppresses the growth of and mechanical stress on big branches. This should begin in the nursery to craft strong branch architecture without creating big wounds—but in reality, the municipal arborist often faces the need to do the structural pruning on trees in the landscape of various sizes. The sooner the informed arborist gets to the tree, the better.

Source: http://nysufc.org/ed-gilman-pruning-research-update-reduction-pruning-to-prevent-storm-damage/2014/08/29/

  Structural Pruning or Reduction Pruning is reducing the length of a branch or stem back to a live lateral branch large enough to assume the terminal role—this is typically at least one-third the diameter of the cut stem.

Structural Pruning or Reduction Pruning is reducing the length of a branch or stem back to a live lateral branch large enough to assume the terminal role—this is typically at least one-third the diameter of the cut stem.

ISA Certified Arborist

King Garden Designs are expert Tree Consultants in promoting Tree Health, Tree Preservation and Tree Safety. We have specialized training, education and expertise through our ISA Arborist Certification and TRAQ (ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification).

We are pleased to provide our clients a full range of Consulting Services: Tree Preservation Plans, Tree Inventories, Tree Appraisals, Tree Valuation (For Insurance or Litigation purposes), plus Pruning, Maintenance, Disease and Pest Identification and Hazardous Tree Identification.

As Consulting Arborists we are the authoritative experts on trees, and whose objective, comprehensive viewpoint ensures the safety, health, and preservation of trees. We have an extensive level of knowledge and experience making our Consulting Arborist services valuable to Municipal, Commercial and Residential clients, plus to other professionals, and other arborists.